The objective of the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies is to offer quality and innovative postgraduate programmes that develop holistic graduates and researchers effective in finding solutions to real world of work and research.
The Strategic Actions of the School are:

  • To develop and implement relevant curricula for training at Postgraduate levels;
  • To provide effective training and supervision of postgraduate students;
  • To establish sustainable postgraduate scholarship programmes and to attract quality postgraduate students
  • To promote advanced studies in specialist and relevant areas of knowledge and technology.


  • To coordinate the development, review and implementation of relevant curricula for education and training at postgraduate certificate, Diploma, Masters, and doctoral levels.
  • To coordinate the effective teaching, research supervision and mentorship, training, and examination of postgraduate students.
  • To establish a sustainable postgraduate scholarship programme and endeavour to actively recruit quality postgraduate students.
  • To create an enabling environment that promotes scholarly engagement of postgraduate students.


The School of Graduate and Advanced Studies | The Technical University of Kenya

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